24 października 2011

Borsuk Żyje

Wow. It's been a while. I realised today that it has been far too long since I've blogged. In my absence, the blogger interface has even changed. Indeed I am still alive, living in Poland, and learning Polish. I have been busy . . . "going places, meeting people, working on projects." My approach to blogging in Polish takes the same form as other work avoidance activities. The floor gets cleaned, laundry hung up, bathroom cleaned, everything! Any of you who have been a student know that there is nothing like an assignment or project to create a clean house.

Polish progress? Yes, I'm making some. Still not enough. I have one or two Polish lessons a week now with private teachers. We also have Polish days at home now - it works better than any system we've devised to date - that is until there is a communication breakdown and we lapse into English for the rest of the day. But there IS progress. See for yourself - check back in a few hours for my next post: "Sierściuch."

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