25 kwietnia 2011

Dopełniacz: 1, Kolin: 0

I've been getting a lot of Polish homework done today. Exercises on cases mostly, including genetive / dopełniacz singular and accusative / biernik singular. I was motivated to finally write a grammar entry summarising a few suffix rules for a case or two. My pride swelled and I attempted my homework exercises on dopełniacz plural. Argh. I thought dopełniacz was going to be one of the easy ones. As it turns out I have learned the easy ones already. I will attack dopełniacz again once my frustration level dips to a more tolerable level.

I am lacking somewhat on my understanding of what constitutes a hard or soft stem sound in Polish. I understand the concept but once I try to apply the 'rules' I get confused about the results! My wife can check my homework to see what is correct and give me the correct answers, but you really need someone with training to explain 'WHY.' So when I'm not in Polish class, I have a few good books!

Thus, this evening those of you waiting for grammar summaries (yes, I can hear the crowd clammering for grammar summaries) will have to be placated by tonight's vocabulary. Really, vocabulary needs to be my major aim these days, since I seem to need to look up a word from almost every sentence in my homework.


Remember that czasowniki are listed in two forms: niedokonany | dokonany
  • ziemia / earth, soil (rzecz)
  • doniczka / flowerpot (rzecz)
  • skrzynka / window box (rzecz)
  • drabinka / small ladder or trellis (rzecz)
  • nawóz / fertiliser (rzecz)
  • uczciwy / honest (przy)
  • odwiedzać | odwiedzić / to visit
  • łamać | złamać / to break
  • chwalić | pochwalić / to praise, to glorify
  • odkrywać | odkryć / to uncover
  • rozwiązywać | rozwiązać / to solve
  • próbować | spróbować / to test, to try
  • marzyć / to dream
  • mijać | minąć / to pass, to go past
  • cierpieć / to suffer
  • odmawiać | odmówić / to refuse, to decline
  • komponować | skomponować / to compose
  • drapać | podrapać / to scratch
  • piec | upiec / to bake, to roast
  • deptać | podeptać / to tread, to trample
  • dostosowywać | dostosować / to adjust or adapt to
  • maszerować | pomaszerować / to march
  • przekonywać | przekonać / to convince
  • święcić | święć / to bless
  • świętować | poświętować / to celebrate
  • poświęcać | poświęcić / to sacrifice, to expend
  • dziwić się | zdziwić się / to surprise
  • cieszyć się | ucieszyć się / to delight, to gladden
  • płaszcz / overcoat (rzecz)
  • teczka / briefcase, folder (rzecz)
  • pozostały / remaining (przy)
  • zajęcia / classes (rzeczownik, liczba mnoga)
  • żołnierz / soldier (rzecz)
  • wielu / much, a lot (zaimek)
  • niewiele / not much, not many (zaimek)
  • pismo / writing, alphabet (rzecz)
  • wyraz / word (rzecz)

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  1. * odwiedzać | odwiesić / to hang up
    Should be "odwieszać | odwiesić"; "odwiedzać" is niedokonany of "to visit"

    * próbować | spróbować / to test
    Also "to try"

    * świecić | święć / to celebrate
    Hard one, święcić|poświęcić translates into "to bless", but ALSO "poświęcać|poświęcić" is "to sacrifice/expend", purely the context thing; "to celebrate" is "świętować|poświętować" (dokonany form is used rarely, even if it is expected grammatically)

    * wyraz / word, sign, expression (rzecz)
    Only "word"; "sign" is "znak", and "expression" is "wyrażenie".

    Happy Easter, Kolin!

  2. Hey Chris! Happy Easter back. Thanks for being such a dutiful commenter. I've applied and understand all of your helpful additions. I got my wires crossed about odwiedzać.

    You say only 'word' for 'wyraz.' What about 'wyraz twarzy' as suggested by my dictionary? Dictionaries are frequently misleading, so I'm willing to believe you!

  3. Missed that one, you're right about "wyraz twarzy", got so much into "expression (as in language theory)", meaning "wyrażenie", that I forgot the "facial expression" thing, I'm really, really sorry, although you busted me on my first language skills, consider yourself proud ;)

    But still, in Polish, "wyraz twarzy" is rather an inseparable phrase and an exclusive use of "wyraz" meaning something different than "a word" so maybe put "wyraz" in słownictwo and "wyraz twarzy" in zwroty.

  4. OK, makes sense. Thanks again for the tips. I hope to even the score on the dopełniacz soon.

  5. Na razie 1:0 dla (kogo? czego?) dopełniacza. Ale niedługo zostanie on pokonany przez (kogo? co? - biernik) Kolina ;-)

  6. świecić = to light, to shine
    święcić = to bless, to celebrate
    świętować = to celebrate

    The little hooks matter. ;)

    świeć = Shine! Light!
    święć = Bless! Celebrate!

    (tryb rozkazujący, second person singular)

  7. Thanks Sylwia! I added the appropriate 'ogonek.'

    So do you call it an 'ogonek' or a 'haczek' or something different?

    My wife calls it 'e with a thingie,' or 'a with a thingie.' I always thought she was just simplifying fo my sake. She says she has never thought to call it a 'haczek.'

  8. Me, my friends and so on call it definitely an "ogonek", but I suppose it's a regional thing - different names in various regions of Poland. I'm from Wrocław. I heard "haczyk" once or twice while visiting Kraków and places in south-east Poland, for example.

  9. Can you read yet? Don't be an ignant foo, boy. Keep your nose in those books and your head up on the street. I bet you're doin a bang up job, Kols

  10. Fair dues to you Kolin. You have a disciplined approach towards learning Polish. I had thought about doing something similar with my blog a while back and you have proven it's merits to me. I'm enjoying reading a book by Wojciech Tochman, 'Dzisiaj Narysujemy Śmierć'. I vowed a month ago that I was not going to read any more English books this year. Time is limited enough for Polish, so sacrifices have to be made. Keep up the great work.

  11. Hey Damien, nice to meet you tonight. You would not think I was so disciplined about learning Polish if you saw how little homework I actually did. I actually got Paulina to help me with my homework tonight . . .

    You're way ahead of me on reading Polish books. I have a copy of 'Rekreacje Mikołajka' that I really need to dive into. Last time I looked at it it looked too advanced so I should see if the words have simplified themselves any from their time on the shelf.

    I have duly added you to the blogroll - apologies for not having you on there before!



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