04 kwietnia 2011

Vocabulary / Słownictwo

Building vocabulary is hard work. Through the course of the day I refer to the dictionary in my phone a handful of times. Just as often, I ask my wife what something means. How much of this do I remember? Very little.

I'm starting to keep a daily log of the words I needed in a day. I haven't yet found a consistent way of keeping track of new words while I'm moving through the city but I suspect that good old pen and paper will prove the best solution.

I will post my daily lists here. For those of you reading this blog for amusement, you won't be bothered by the daily (weekly?) lists, because I will add them to the vocabulary page here: Słownictwo / Vocabulary. Later, you can find this page in the column to the right under "Reference."

For those of you using this page to help you learn Polish, (anyone?) you can refer to the vocabulary page periodically to see what has been added. I'll try to mention in my regular blog posts when the vocab page has been updated. Go check the first list now and tell me what you think. Is this a good way to organise vocabulary?

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  1. Hey Kolin. I use a small lined notebook to build up my vocabulary and take it everywhere I go. It currently has just under a 1000 words in it. When I have a free moment I go through the list and test myself on the words there. From time to time I get my hostage keeper to test me - success rate of about 70% is good enough for me. In fact, that reminds me, I must test myself this morning!

    I will check out the vocab list and let you know what I think!

  2. Wow, that's really good. Why have I not been doing that?

    As a real clincher, we could get our hostage keepers to exchange lists (or we could do it ourselves I guess) and test on each other's lists. Now THAT'S a clever idea.

  3. If you have a mobile phone, you could keep a list on your phone. More conveniently, you could make a spreadsheet on something like Google Docs and access it from anything with an internet connection.

  4. @Pacze Moj - I do have a mobile which I use to look up words regularly. However there's something about the tactile effort of writing words down on a page that helps me remember them. So for now, my process will remain:
    -scribble the words down in a notebook and
    -transfer them at night to the vocab section here.

    There's nothing private about my word list so I'll leave it here, which I can access from anywhere.

  5. Kolin

    Another thing I am just doing is cutting a load of little cards up and writing the really important/hard to remember words from my vocab book on them. This way I avoid the trap a vocab book gives you of memorising the list or theme of the words and being able to predict what the next word is even if you're not sure.


  6. Another good plan, Paddy. One of my students showed me a really great way to work on cases . . . it's pretty simple, but the activity requires one person who knows when to apply the cases to make it work. I can show you how it works (I think) so your hostage taker can quiz you.


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