17 kwietnia 2011

M jak Milość

In keeping with my mission of Polish immersion, I'm planning to start watching more Polish TV. We got a TV just after Christmas, but sadly I'm watching the English channels more than the Polish ones. 'Talking heads' news programs are terribly boring and unproductive when it comes to learning language. The sillier the show the better. Juvenile talk/activity shows such as those on VIVA Polska and other such networks are more entertaining and provide more . . . context for language learning. Cooking shows would be good. I need to find some.

'M jak Milość' is a Polish classic. It's a weekly soap opera and has been on the air for over a decade. You can watch it on TVP (14 episodes behind) with English subtitles, but it takes away all the fun. The original broadcasts are on TVP2 at 2045 on Monday and Tuesdays. I'm going to start watching. Yes, I know it's a ridiculously silly soap opera. I hope to get hooked and eventually start sending angry letters to the producers (in perfect Polish of course) if they kill the wrong character or end the wrong relationships. Are you a fan already? Who'll watch with me?  We can do Tuesday evening 'M jak Milość' discussion nights. More information on TVP2's 'M jak Milość' page.

Grammar notes still to come this weekend. Here's today's vocab. Sink or swim! I'll refine my method for vocab. listing soon to clarify the differences between imperfective and perfective verb forms. Vocabulary entries to be highlighted with yellow, and grammar with green.

  • dokąd / where to? (pron)
  • coraz / increasingly (adv)
    • coraz lepiej / better and better
  • cierpliwość / patience (n)
  • latarka / flashlight (n)
  • włożyć / to insert, to put in (v perf)
  • członek / member of a club (n)
  • komitet rodzicielski / parent-teacher association (n)
  • początek / start (n)
  • pech / bad luck (n)
  • udawac się / to have success (v)
  • udać się / to have success (v, perf)
  • wynajmować / to rent (v)
  • wynająć / to rent (v, perf)
  • zwiedzać / to visit (v)
  • zwiedzić / to visit (v, perf)
  • zaczynać / to begin, to start (v)
  • zacząć / to begin, to start (v, perf)
  • głośno / loudly (adv)
  • cicho / quietly (adv)
  • potrzebny / necessary, needed (adj)
  • okropnie / terribly, awfully (adv)
  • wdzięczny / thankful (adj)
  • ocieplić się / to warm up the weather (v, perf)
  • piosenka / song (n)
  • szeptać / to whisper (v)
  • opowiadać / to tell (v)
  • opowiedzieć / to tell (v, perf)
  • wierny / faithful (adj)
  • wrażenie / sensation, impression (n)
  • plotka / rumour (n)
  • poza tym . . . / besides . . .
  • w drodze / on the way
    • w drodze powrotnej / on the way back

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  1. "Latarka"; "latarek" is a plural genitive.
    "Wrażenie"; "wrażenia" is plural.

  2. Oh, and regarding cooking shows, I highly recommend "Makłowicz w podróży" /Makłowicz in travel/, every Sunday at 11:40am, previous episodes are available online.

    It's more like a travel & cooking show, hosted by a self-taught cook (and a TV personality now) who's a historian by proffesion - lots of local customs & history explaining between cooking traditional, regional dishes. Great show.


  3. M jak miłość = painful television. It's like they found the actors off the street and gave them one quick glance at a script which was probably written down on a cigarette packet.

    Try Stawka większa niż życie - full of action and some good acting!

  4. Well part of the reason for picking M jak Milość is because it is such a Polish 'staple,' full well knowing the acting, etc. is painful. I'm kind of going for laugh factor here.

    It HAS to be better than 'language learning' videos!

  5. I admire your diligence, but that's just pure masochism :)

  6. As far as i know, one of the main actors of the past was Stefan Moeller, a german ex-pat comedian. I really recommend his book, viva polska. He's quite accurate in his observations

  7. I missed it! A friend came into town tonight and ruined my Monday night M jak Milość night . . . and I can't watch tomorrow because I'm teaching. We'll all have until next week for my first episode summary.

  8. Hey, Kolin, it's good you missed it - one more week of living with an unaltered mental status ;)


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