12 kwietnia 2011

Masz Wyrostek?

I'm struggling to keep up with the volume of vocabulary I need to learn to stay afloat in my class. While the class proceeds, I'm simultaneously trying to catch up with the grammar and vocabulary in Hurrah Po Polsku 1 at home. It's a challenge.

Thanks to those adding to my vocabulary lists. It makes it more fun having you involved.

Dzisiejsze słownictwo: (you know what this means by now)
  • wnuczka / granddaughter (n)
  • uczennica / schoolgirl (n)
  • śpiewać / to sing (v)
  • czasopismo / periodical or magazine (n)
  • uczeń / schoolboy (n)
  • płuco / lung (n)
  • wyrostek / appendix (n)
  • żołądek / stomach (n)
I've also been testing myself with a set of flash cards on the tram . . . I'll post this vocab bit by bit as I master it! I've gone flash card crazy. I'm going to buy some card stock to make cards of my own for recent vocabulary. It's a lot and I need to work on it more. My tram rides seem to go by so quickly now that I am studying vocabulary instead of playing with my phone or looking out the window. I almost feel like riding an extra stop or two to master those cards that are pestering me.

As soon as I perfect making simple tables in blogger, I'll start posting summaries of personal pronouns (zaimek osobowy) and noun endings for biernik and narzędnik.

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  1. Hi Kolin. I find cards very useful and much better than memorising from lists of vocab. Keep up thr good work!

  2. Yeah, I'm mostly making the lists because I have to keep a good list somewhere, and the list in my notebook gets a little disorganised. Anyone that knows me well knows how much I like lists . . .

  3. "Uczennica" and "wnuczka"; "uczennicą" and "wnuczką" are Instrumentals.
    "Czasopismo"; "czasopisma" is plural.

    I almost feel as a comments-spammer here, never thought I'd enjoy being a freetime online Polish-teacher so much;)

    Dodatkowe słownictwo na dziś:

    dodatkowy -> additional (adj)
    pole naftowe -> oilfield (n)
    pole -> field (n)

    Zwroty / phrases:

    daj (mi) spokój! -> give me a break!
    przypuszczam, że... -> I suppose, that...

  4. Hey Chris,

    Don't feel like a comment spammer. It's fun to have you around, I know that there are few (for now I think the number remains small but I trust this can change) people using the blog to aid their study efforts so you're helping more than just me. Your efforts are certainly appreciated, no matter how little or how much you contriubute. Dziękuję bardzo.

    No wonder the words you pointed out are in the instrumental case - I was working on some basic instrumental exercises when they came up. I'll correct them in a moment.

    Also, the additional vocabulary is right on topic . . . thanks!


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