09 kwietnia 2011

Time to Catch Up

My first two Polish classes have been great. I've found a course at The Centre for Polish Studies on Swiętokrzyska. I received a recommendation for the school from a friend and so far I'm really very glad I took his advice. We will learn grammar, hence the title of this blog post.

I bought myself a copy of "Hurrah! Po Polsku" last year, and have been making half hearted attempts at working through it on my own and with my wife's help. So far I'm not past chapter five of twenty. What that means is that although I'm speaking a lot more than I was a few months ago, my knowledge of grammar is pitiful. In my new class, we have been doing exercises from well into the second book in the "Hurrah" series, and I'm already way behind! This weekend I am spending some time working through my book and trying to teach myself some of the basic grammar. I need to catch up fast.

I'm no language genius. This stuff is difficult for me to understand, and studying Polish at home reminds me of that frustrated feeling I had while studying for mandatory French classes in school. Grammatical rules confused and irritated me. Polish possessive pronouns in the dative / celownik did so today. I tend to get a little overwhelmed by how much there is to learn so I know I need to break things into pieces. My goals this weekend include:
  1. continue studying and recording new vocabulary
  2. reviewing and practicing endings for instrumental / narzędnik with adjectives and nouns.
  3. reviewing nominative possessive pronouns
  4. reviewing and practicing endings for accusative / biernik
I've decided to forgo maintaining one separate, mammoth vocabulary document, and instead post the new vocabulary each day as part of a blog post. Vocabulary preceding today remains on a separate page.

Today's vocabulary so far:
  • podniecać / to excite, to thrill esp. sexually (v)
  • doczekać / to wait until (v)
    • "Nie mogę się ciebie doczekać."
  • strzał w dziesiątkę / bull's eye, right on the money
  • chyba / probably
  • szkoda, że . . .  / It's a pity that . . . 
  • o co ci chodzi? / what do you mean?
  • nie szkoda ci czasu? / Aren't you wasting your time?
  • reżyser / director film (n)
  • urzędnik / clerk, office worker (n)

3 komentarze:

  1. "Reżyser" is the proper Nominative, "reżyserem" is an Instrumental.

  2. noted and corrected, dzięki!

  3. Keep with it, it gets much easier. I know how you feel :-)
    I did the three Hurrah Po Polsku books, and I'm onto the B2 level book "Kiedyś wrócisz tu" :-)


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